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Winter spa day

By on December 6th, 2019 in Blog

5 reasons to book a Winter Spa Day

If asked to imagine your perfect spa day, what scene do you think of? For many, the vision that comes to mind is sitting in a toasty hot tub or heated pool on a hot summer’s day soaking up the rays with a glass of prosecco in hand.

As much as we love a hot summer’s day as much as the next person, we’re here to convince you why you want to get booked in for a Winter spa day instead.


Not only is a Winter spa day an incredibly relaxing experience for mind, body and soul at a time of year when it’s needed most, but it also offers a variety of health benefits during a time when you’re most susceptible to colds and flu.

Great for your skin

The hidden health benefits of a spa day are already well established, however we all know how tough the cold winter weather can be on our skin. As the largest organ of our bodies, our skin takes some looking after.


Our skin can easily dry out in winter due to a mix of cold wind combined with increased use of indoor heating systems to warm the home. The extreme heat effects tighten our pores which reduces blood circulation.

Despite the weather being cold outside, a winter spa day is the perfect way to counteract these effects. Thermal heat experiences such as our Aroma & Salt Steam Rooms and Herbal & Finnish Saunas allow the skin to breath which expels any dead skin cells and makes your skin look rejuvenated.


What’s more, many of our treatments are designed with skin revitalisation in mind, including our Mud Rasul which uses expert ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the skin, and our body scrubs which release toxins from deep skin layers.

It’s a magical experience

Although, visitors from all across the nation flock to The Falls Spa to witness the breathtaking views from our outdoor infinity edge vitality pool, there really is something quite magical about being there when black shadows fill the Lake District sky on a winter’s night.


Imagine lounging atop of our underwater jets, as the pool lights up in shades of Egyptian blue with touches of purple around you. The mix of the dark sky and cool outdoor temperature really highlight the steam that rises from the pool – but not to worry, it’s nice and toasty among the ripples.

What’s more, you get to really admire the beautiful architecture that makes up The Falls Spa complex, making it feel like you could be in the heart of the Swiss Alps rather than the Lake District (although both are very beautiful!)


The whimsical experience of a winter spa day at The Falls Spa is something that you have to experience for yourself to understand. If this is something that is of interest to you, then you should consider booking our ‘Twilight Spa’ package which gives you 3-hours spa access to the spa from 5:30-8:30pm plus a glass of prosecco for just £40pp.

Warms you up from the cold

We all know how bitter cold the weather can be, especially in the Lake District. Although we love to sing about “Jack Frost nipping at our nose” when it comes to Christmas time, the same can’t be said for actually experiencing his icy chill spread through your fingers and toes.


Winter spa day

A winter spa day is the perfect solution to warm yourself up and beat the frost bite. We guarantee that you’ll massively appreciate all the heat experiences available when you enter our thermal suite during cold weather – much more than you would when the temperature is warmer!

There’s also something incredibly special about soaking in our outdoor pool and warming your bones, knowing fine well how chilly the air around you is. Plus, we promise you’ll really appreciate getting in that pool once you’ve dropped your robes and can feel the fresh air on your skin!


Have a restful night’s sleep

The relaxing feeling you get during a spa day is not a temporary sensation you get during the experience, that notion of tranquillity stays with you long after your spa day has ended. This usually results in you getting a great night’s sleep, because weirdly enough, a spa day can really take it out of you!

Winter spa day

Many people report that they find it difficult to sleep in winter months, and the short days and dark mornings can often unsettle our sleep-wake cycles. This can result in us not feeling like we’ve had a good night’s sleep because our bodies are confused as to why it is still dark in the morning.


By booking yourself in for a winter spa day, this will help you get a better night’s sleep by easing the transition from wakefulness into sleep. You will feel rejuvenated not just from your spa experience, but from getting a better night’s sleep too.

Helps to boost your immune system

A drop in temperature and an increase in the sniffles tend to go hand in hand as we approach the winter months. Cold and flu season is in its prime and germs are spread around homes and workplaces without much resistance.


Winter spa day

Another extra trick to help you battle the icky winter woes is to get booked in for a seasonal spa day. You may be surprised to know that many of our different treatments can help in boosting your body’s natural immune system.

Proven treatments that have been found to aid the antibodies include our Akwaterra massage, in which our therapists use specially designed heated tools to relieve muscle tension. In addition, our body scrubs use products that activate white blood cells as they are rubbed into the layers of skin.


Winter spa day

Book your winter spa day today

If you have been convinced by our 5 reasons to book a winter spa day, discover our range of rejuvenating packages that will help alleviate the winter blues by clicking here.

Many packages also include lunch or afternoon tea, meaning it’s not just your physical health that will be boosted but also your psychological well-being.

If you would like to book a winter spa day, please contact a member of the team on 017687 87704 or email Spa.LodoreFalls@lakedistricthotels.net



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