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By on June 28th, 2019 in Blog

Take a tour of The Falls Spa

‘Fall in love’ with The Falls Spa as you escape your weekly stresses and journey into a zone of pure relaxation. The Falls Spa experience has been carefully designed with wellness in mind and the various experiences are shaped to encourage utter tranquillity for our guests. A trip to The Falls Spa is guaranteed to leave you feeling completely zen.

Some of the most impressive features of the luxury Falls Spa are the notable number of different heat experiences, each delicately designed to restore and rejuvenate. There is a total of 12 heat experiences in the spa complex, diverse in their own way, each promoting individual health-benefits.

With so many remarkable heat treatments, we realise that it can be quite overwhelming even for spa connoisseurs, let alone a spa newbie. For this reason, we wanted to make your serene spa day as peaceful as possible by expertly guiding you through the different experiences in an order that best promotes your wellness.

Follow our suggestions and you can spa like a pro too.


1.    Laconium

The first stop on the spa tour is the Laconium. This is a dry sauna which is heated to 35°C at low humidity (15-20%), making it feel cooler than a steam room despite being a similar temperature. It is based on traditional Roman baths and is designed for you to sit back, relax, admire the starry ceiling and absorb the heat. The Laconium serves to purify and detoxify the body by stimulating circulation through the use of warm temperatures.

We recommend spending up to 20 minutes in the Laconium.


2.    Forest Rinse Shower

Although you can use the Forest Rinse Shower at any point during your spa journey, we recommend using it following the warm Laconium experience. This is a double rinse shower that aims to cleanse and refresh the skin after dry heat exposure.


3.    Aroma Steam Room

Next stop on your journey is the Aroma Steam Room, a humid room where the scents of restorative, relaxing and energizing essential oils permeate the steamy air. The room is heated to 45°C with a humidity of 95%. Some of the health benefits include muscle relaxation and can be extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health from improved blood circulation.

We recommend spending up to 15 minutes in the Aroma Steam Room.

4.    Tropical Rain Shower

We recommend using the Tropical Rain Shower following the humid heat experience to reinvigorate the skin. The shower features uplifting fragrances, fluctuating water pressures, varying temperatures and diverse mood lighting, giving you all the sensations of an authentic rain forest shower.


5.    Salt Steam Room

Following a refreshing rain shower experience, make your way into the sizeable Salt Steam Room to get warmed up again. Heated at 40°C at 95% humidity, relax and inhale the salt-infused steam to cleanse the sinuses and promote healthier respiration. The salt in the wet air can also promote healing of broken skin tissue and leave your skin feeling revitalised.

We recommend spending up to 15 minutes in the Salt Steam Room.

6.    Thermal Sensation Shower

This advanced shower is based on the healing water therapies devised by Professor Kneipp, a leading hydrotherapy specialist. Kneipp’s theory is based around the notion that metabolism can be boosted by briefly shocking the body into a false sense of fever. Expect warm then cool shower jets that brace various points of the body to ensure a wholesome bodily refresh. This is excellent to cool the body down following the steam room experience.


7.    Ice Fountain

If the Thermal Sensation Shower hasn’t cooled you down enough, the continuously running ice fountain is sure to do the trick. This was installed to help guests cool down quickly following a sauna or steam experience. The crushed ice works in a restorative manner to reduce your body temperature and stimulate the senses. Simply rub the ice all over your body when you feel like the skin is overheating or feels in need of a refresh.

8.    Herbal Sauna

After nicely cooling the body down, this is the perfect opportunity to get it heated back up again! The herbal sauna works differently to a traditional sauna, insomuch that the heat is infused with invigorating herbs such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, sage and chamomile to sooth and calm the senses. The Herbal Sauna is heated at 65-75°C with a humidity of 5-8%.

We recommend spending up to 15 minutes in the Herbal Sauna.

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9.    Finnish Sauna

After heating things up in the Herbal Sauna, step into our amazing Finnish Sauna to heat things up furthermore. The Finnish Sauna offers a heat experience unlike any other as it has been fitted with a large glass window, providing guests with magnificent views spanning over Derwentwater. Heated at 85°C, experience the health benefits of dry heat including increased blood flow to the skin which works to restore its properties, reduced muscle soreness and improved joint movement. The Finnish Sauna is excellent in helping to ease arthritic pain.

We recommend spending up to 15 minutes in the Finnish Sauna

10.  Cold Drench Bucket

Once things have nicely heated up and you vacate the Finnish Sauna, you will want to cool your body down with our Cold Drench Bucket. Although not for everyone, the drench bucket offers an instant and stimulating cool-down. Once you get over the shock of the cold water, your skin tone and blood circulation are improved greatly. Simply pull the cord and brace yourself – we promise it is worth it and you will soon warm up again.

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11. Hot & Cold Outdoor Shower

Jump into the Hot & Cold Outdoor Shower to awaken the senses furthermore and enjoy a refreshing shower al fresco. The outdoor shower offers the perfect opportunity for you to take in views of Catbells and appreciate the stylish Scandinavian architecture of The Falls Spa complex in all its grandeur.


12. Infinity Edge Vitality Pool

The final destination on your spa journey is our Infinity Edge Vitality Pool; the piece de résistance of the entire spa. Step into the warm, soothing waters of the pool and discover bubble loungers, hydro-massage neck jets and a volcano fountain that lay beneath the ripples. Make your way through the 16-metre pool to discover panoramic views across the Borrowdale Valley as you approach the pool’s infinity-edge. The pool depth is 1.2 metres and this is the perfect location to sip that long-awaited glass of prosecco as you soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

infinity edge vitality pool


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