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what to pack for a spa day

By on June 28th, 2019 in Blog

What to pack for a Lake District Spa Day

If you’re a bona fide spa professional, packing for a spa day is probably a habitual procedure where you don’t even have to think about what items you’re taking. However, there are a number of people who have yet to experience the sheer bliss that a spa day brings.

Whether it is an idea you’ve been toying with for a while but haven’t yet decided whether or not to take the plunge, we recommend giving a spa day a go. You can tailor-make your spa day to your unique wellbeing needs, meaning there is a spa day for everyone.

Opt for a rasul ritual if your skin has become cracked and sore from harsh weather conditions, an ELEMIS facial to reveal more youthful looking skin or decide on a sensual massage to relieve the built-up tension of the working week.


rasul ritual

I’m booked… what next?

Hurray! You’re officially booked in for your first spa day, now all you need to do is prepare for it. For a newbie, it may be difficult to know exactly what essentials to bring along with you but not to worry, The Falls Spa is here to help.

To guide you through the packing process, we’ve made a list of essential items you may want to bring along on your relaxing spa day.

What to pack for a Spa Day


If you remember to pack just one thing from this list, make sure it’s something to wear in the spa!

Typical spa attire is some form of swimming costume. Women can grab their nicest swimsuit or go-to bikini, while men can choose between trunks or those token budgie smugglers that the wife keep hidden away… Just remember to be respectful of other guests!

These allow you to take a dip in the pool and are also suitable for the various heat experiences where your skin may be more likely to perspire due to heat and steam. At The Falls Spa, we actually have swimsuit drying stations which means you don’t have to throw a wet bathing suit in your handbag.

We will also provide you with luxury robes and branded flip-flops during your spa experience so you can keep yourself suitably covered as you venture to and from each heat experience.


infinity edge vitality pool


 With 12 different heat experiences to choose from including steam rooms, our infinity edge vitality pool and even a cold drench bucket, it’s safe to say that your hair is likely to get wet!

Don’t forget to bring your hairbrush so you can detangle all those annoying knots following your spa experience to reveal tidy, kink-proof hair.

If your spa package also includes afternoon tea and/or a two-course lunch served in the main hotel, we guarantee you’ll be glad you brought a brush!


What to pack for a Spa Day

Makeup wipes

A shout-out for all the lovely ladies out there! We do recommend going al fresco when you visit The Falls Spa so your skin can reap the benefits the spa aims to provide.

By sporting a bare face, your unrestricted skin can soak up all the benefits of the different spa therapies including the aroma steam room, salt steam room, Finnish sauna plus many more.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your face starting to perspire as you support your best high-end foundation. Plus, let’s be real here, no one really wants mascara running down their face after taking a dip in the infinity edge vitality pool.

If you are booked in for a facial we would especially recommend removing your makeup beforehand, although the therapists will perform a deep cleanse at the beginning of the treatment.


What to pack for a Spa Day


If you are lucky enough that your spa day falls on one of the rare Lake District scorchers, it’s likely that you will want to spend a lot of your time outside admiring the scenery. For this reason, packing a bottle of sunscreen is a must as you will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Even if you visit during the summer months but it doesn’t feel that warm, we still massively recommend protecting your skin with some form of sun protection. You’ll be surprised how damaging the sun’s UV rays can be even when the temperature is on the lower side or the sky is overcast.

Despite not being the most glamorous activity to do at the spa, it doesn’t make sense trying all the thermal experiences to benefit your skin just to then expose it to sun damage. We urge you to stay safe and bring your sunscreen. 


What to pack for a Spa Day

A book or a magazine

At The Falls Spa, we want our customers to feel completely relaxed in whatever way suits them. For many, this involves a quick read of a good book or magazine.

Lie back on our heated thermal loungers and put your feet up as you delve into the tales of Jane Austen, or, if you prefer, keep up with the Kardashians with the latest gossip mag.

Your spa day is what you make of it and we want you to feel completely comfortable.


What to pack for a Spa Day


Although your skin will be exposed to high quality products during your time at the spa through our various range of invigorating treatments, you may want to bring some toiletries of your own.

Many guests tend to bring shampoos and conditioners so they can give their hair a total refresh following their spa day, however, we do supply these in the spa changing rooms.

Washing your hair is definitely something to consider if you will be enjoying a meal at Mizu or afternoon tea in the hotel afterwards. Hair dryers are provided at The Falls Spa so don’t worry about what to do with your hair after washing it.

Other toiletries you may want to bear in mind include deodorants and facial care including moisturisers. Please note, if you do receive a facial, your therapist may advise against putting further products on your face so please do pay attention to your therapists’ advice at the time of treatment.


What to pack for a Spa Day


We suggest taking it off, but we also recommend bringing it along if you’re going to be out and about following your spa day!

The thought of going bare faced may strike fear into the hearts of many, and if this is you, this is your friendly reminder to pack the essentials beforehand.

This may be worth considering if you’re a makeup aficionado and are intending to enjoy a delectable afternoon tea or a sumptuous 2-course meal afterwards – but either way you will receive no judgement from us!

As mentioned previously, if you are booked in for a facial during your spa day, it is likely that your therapist will advise against using products on your face for up to 24 hours after treatment. Again, please do bear this in mind at the time of booking if you have makeup-essential plans afterwards as you may want to consider an alternative treatment.



Last but not least on our list is your beloved mobile phones!

It’s true, we cannot live without them, but surely you wouldn’t want to visit the ‘most Instagrammable’ spa in the whole of the country and not snap a pic?

We love seeing your spa photos whether they’re happy selfies or stunning panoramic snaps of the surrounding Lake District fells. So, when you do post on ‘the gram’, make sure you tag us, hashtag #thefallsspa or mention our handle @thefallsspa so we can see them!

You never know, your photos may even get featured on our social media pages!

Although photos are encouraged, we kindly ask that all mobiles are turned to silent mode while accessing the facilities, so to offer a tranquil experience to yourself and other guests at the time. If you do need to make a call, please be considerate of others.



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