Journey of the Senses Rasul Ritual

£50 per person

An ancient Arabian wellness ritual, for 2-4 people, which fuses the power of purifying mineral-rich clay with heat and steam.

Our private rasul room is a blissful holistic haven that will transport you to exotic climes, soothe your mind, boost your circulation and ease muscle tension. Our spa hosts will guide you through this self-application restorative ritual that treats the hair, face and body with a four-step remedy of black soap to cleanse and exfoliate using a traditional kessa mitt; rasul lava clay to purify and refine; scented water to soothe then completed with shea butter and precious oils to soften. Relax in the private steam room before washing away all the mud to reveal silky-soft skin. Enjoy the 45 minute ritual with a friend or partner or a group of four.

£50 per person, 45 minute treatment, minimum of 2 people, maximum 4 people.


What is a rasul?

Also known as a rhassoul, rassul or mud chamber, it is a traditional Arabian cleansing ritual with health benefits using mud, steam and heat to cleanse and relax the skin, body and mind. The ultimate aim is to release toxins and remove impurities through the skin.

The rasul at The Falls Spa is a private treatment for up to four people (and a minimum of two people). A spa host will show you how to enjoy the treatment and leaves you to self-administer the muds and enjoy the steam and heat, with the experience taking a total of 45 minutes.

What to expect during a rasul treatment

The Rasul at The Falls Spa features an ante room, where you remove clothing and begin your experience.

With swimwear on, begin by using the kessa mitt and black soap to exfoliate the body. You can then take a shower to wash away the dead skin cells before applying the mineral-rich clay, or mud, all over the body.

Move into the private steam room and take a seat on a heated throne and enjoy the invigorating steam for up to 20 minutes.

The steam will stop and the overhead rain showers will begin, allowing you to wash away the clay. Use the kneipp hoses attached to the wall for further rinsing. The cool water will help lower the body temperature, boost circulation and rinse away any toxins that have perspired through the skin.

Make your way back into the anti-room to dry off and finish the experience by smoothing shea butter all over your skin.

Relax in the Relaxation room or head into the Thermal Suite where you will find further heat experiences to compliment the journey.

Please remember to drink plenty of water during and after the experience to keep your body hydrated.

What are the health benefits of a rasul?

Apart from the relaxation and heightened sense of wellbeing you will get from a rasul treatment, you will also find there are many health benefits too.

The combination of mud, heat and steam helps the body to relax and release toxins whilst you perspire. This all helps to invigorate the skin and regulate body temperature, while opening the pores and releasing toxins helps the circulatory system to run smoothly.

The mud and steam helps to cleanse the skin, leaving it soft to touch, feeling very clean but also soothing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Circulation is also improved as the heat and steam encourages blood flow around the body.

The heated seats in the steam room will help to release tension in muscles and reduce aches and pains.

Enjoy the experience at home

La Sultane De Saba gift boxes are available to purchase in The Falls Spa retail area and include a kessa mitt, black soap, rasul mud and body oil.

Who is a rasul not suitable for?

If you have severe skin allergies, eczema or psoriasis then we recommend you consult your doctor before using the rasul. If you have extremely sensitive skin or broken skin then we do not recommend trying the rasul. As this is a heat treatment, we do not recommend this to be used during pregnancy.

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There is an age requirement of 16 yrs to use the spa. Must be accompanied by an adult.