Full body exfoliation followed by Akwaterra back, neck and shoulder massage

£85 per person

Full body exfoliation followed by Akwaterra Back, neck and shoulder massage – Akwaterra is a ceramic heated pod which is ergonomic design to perform a warm, relaxing massage with luxurious oils

Please note the therapists will be wearing PPE and following guidelines to ensure that both the therapist and the guest feels safe and at ease. We will be requesting you to wear a face mask for part of the treatment (we provide this). As part of your consultation your therapist will explain the procedures – so don’t worry relax and let our therapists look after you.

Rather than using hands to apply pressure, your therapist uses perfectly warm, ergonomic ceramic Akwaterra tools along with precious La Sultane de Saba oils to give a continuous flow of deep, rhythmical massage motions.

Ultra-relaxing and completely revitalising, an Akwaterra massage relieves any discomfort in the body and removes knots in the muscles caused by stress and tension.

Welcome to the World of Akwaterra

The unique Akwaterra massage combines four matching pairs of ergonomically designed sandstone pods allowing the therapists to take the art of massage to a whole new level. Each pod retains the perfect heat and is carefully designed to effectively relieve and soothe areas of specific muscular tension whilst bringing deep relaxation. Using a continuous pleasant warmth to comfort and ease away the stresses and strains, the Akwaterra full body massage can only be described as otherworldly.

The pods are used in conjunction with your choice of precious La Sultane de Saba oils. This specialist massage technique brings a fully immersive experience inducing a heavenly sense of peace.

Diffusion of Heat

The warm ceramic tools are used to relax muscles, releases tension and generally help you feel sublime. Akwaterra tools are filled with hot water (about 40°) and kept in a bain-marie on an electric heating plate. The diffusing heat of Akwaterra tools opens the pores and accentuates the benefits of the La Sultane de Saba massage oils.

This treatment lasts for 50 minutes.

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£85 per person

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Full Pre-payment will be taken at the time of booking
If the package is cancelled 48 hours or more prior to your visit, 50% refund will apply
If the package is cancelled within 48 hours of visiting the spa, a refund will not be applicable
There is an age requirement of 16 yrs to use the spa. Must be accompanied by an adult.
Subject to availability